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Casa Gianni
Vacanze Alicudi

Alicudi Island

Alicudi is a surprise..a revelation…a perfect refuge from the modern world … With only about 100 inhabitants  it is the least populated and developed island of the Aeolian archipelago and it is exactly its lack of development which makes it so unique.

The dramatic beauty of Alicudi is due to its volcanic origin which is ever evident in mesmerizing rocks, cliffs and natural caves of different colors which are contrasting with the crystal clear sea surrounding the island. Hundreds of years of human effort to conquer the steep island are evidenced by stone pathways and terrace fields leading from the port up to the high “old settlement” where olives, grapes and capers are cultivated.

Except for a short road along the port there are no real roads or streets on Alicudi, in fact it is impossible to move around the island by means other than on foot. The presence of donkeys transporting heavy burdens only adds to the timeless atmosphere of the island. Of the modern conveniences, there is one small hotel with a restaurant, a cozy bar, two grocery shops and a post office. Medical service is also present 24/7 and there is a heliport for emergencies. In the evening, moon is shining ever so brightly undisturbed by streetlights and the hours pass by as you count the falling stars.

You can spend your days swimming in unpolluted sea, exploring the coast on rented kayak or boat or lying on a stone beach listening to the soft breeze and seagulls’singing. You can also join the local fishermen on their early morning fishing trips or just enjoy the fresh seafood sold in the port once they came back. The Aeolian specialties are to be savoured in restaurant and at local families’ improvised “taverns.”

Staying at Alicudi will fill you up with energy which you can use to climb up to the old church San Bartolo or even  right to the former crater at Alicudi's summit, Monte Filo dell'Arpa, at 675m above sea level. There are various paths to choose from, each offering breathtaking views of the other Aeolian islands and the most rewarding immersion into the great outdoors.

Alicudi is an island for those seeking peace and quiet,  appreciating the natural beauty and a slow pace of life.

What to bring

One of the charms of Alicudi is the simplicity of the lifestyle of its inhabitans, however this simplicity can be a big surprise to those unprepared for it, therefore we would like to advise you what to bring for your trip here:

CASH - There are no banks or ATM machines on Alicudi therefore it is important to remember to bring sufficient cash for your holidays. You can only use your credit card in a hotel restaurant so the cash is really useful for your daily life here.

CIGARETTES – There isn’t a tobacco shop on the island so if you are a smoker, bring your own supplies.

MEDICINE – There is no pharmacy on Alicudi, however, there is a doctor as well as a first aid medical team 24/7 on the island in case of need.

MASK AND SNORKEL – The best way to discover the underwater beauties of Alicudi.

TREKKING SHOES – Besides being a natural beach destination, Alicudi has so much to offer to those who venture upon its stairs, beautiful views and unspoilt nature will reward any trekker. Suitable footwear is recommended.
We also advise you to bring shoes that you can use on the stone beach and in water.

FLASHLIGHT – This will become very useful for the evening walks especially during the nights without the full moon.